Flashcard Technique:
A Definitive guide to 1000 marks in MCAT

Hi! I’m Talhah from Students Prep Hub.

In this article I will explain you how to prepare to get 1000 marks in your MCAT exam.

UHS entry test no doubt tests your abilities but hold on choosing the right path to prepare for MCAT is the key to success.

The flashcard technique will show you which MCAT review books you need to study.

Also where to find the most authentic MCAT practice question for your preparation.

The truth about the Kaplan MCAT books and AAMC practice test will also be revealed in the upcoming points.

Here comes the point number one:

Know the format of MCAT.

Knowing what you will be facing is the key to achieve high sores in MCAT.

The test comprises of 220 MCQs from 4 subjects namely English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Each correct MQ will add five points to your sore which means that total marks of MCAT are 1100.

Negative marking is also done during checking of your MCAT exam.

Which means that instead of losing 5 points on one wrong MQ you will lose 6 marks from a total of 1100.

Following is the subject wise distribution of 220 MCQs of UHS entry test:

But how to prepare for the exam, here comes the TRUTH 

Choosing the Best time frame.

The first thing you need is to evaluate is the time required by you to prepare well for the test.

Medical entry test preparation is not that easy that you can over in 2 or 3 months (just a general idea; it depends upon your abilities).

So try to start preparing for the test about 6 months before the conduction of the test.

This is the time frame recommended by the topers and other high achievers currently studying in best medical colleges of Pakistan.

This time bracket ensures that you revise your syllabus at least twice and practice thousands of MCQs from different sources

MCAT Preparation Schedule.

This is most important thing for the head start of your preparation for the medical colleges admission test.

Prepare a schedule defining all the subjects chapter wise as well as topic wise Designate days for each and every topic of the syllabus.

Remember time should be appropriate; neither too much that waste it nor too less that you cannot prepare the lesson well.

You must practice all past papers and full length sample papers a week before your exam.

Best MCAT preparation books

A lot of students ask about the best book for the preparation of MCAT.

Answer is very simple

Best weapon that defines your victory is your TEXT BOOK

Yeah you read it well, only your text books can bring you success in this marathon of continuous hard work.

DEFINITE MISTAKE that most students make is that they keep their text books as a secondary preparation material.


MCAT does not gives you questions above your mental level and your text books are the best options to know the strength of questions in your test; making them a secondary choice leads to failure in exam.

What to do:

I would suggest you to nearly cram all the science subject book i.e. biology, physics and chemistry.

You should memorize all the important points written in your text books in each and every topic.

But are these points enough for high sores in exam??

The next point explains the mystery.

MCAT Review Books

There are thousands of books available in the market for MCAT preparation.

These booksare faster means of revision of syllabus after you complete your preparation from your text books.

Do not buy outdated books.

Subject wise as well as chapter wise distribution of MCQs is available for the practice of your exam.

The answers to these multiple choice questions are also given at the end of each lesson or the topic.

The summary at the end of the each section of the book acts as the steroid for your preparation boosting your methodology to a whole new greater level.

Practicing most of these questions will definitely assess your preparation and will tell you the amount of more hard work required for the success in the exam

Can I buy any book out thousands available in the market?

Choosing MCAT practice Questions

Most of these books are useless as they are written by the writers or you may better call them freelancers who do not know even the ABC of MCAT.

So choose your book wisely among thousands of available books.

One choice can bring blessing to you while the same choice can lead you to serious disappointment.

Choose a book that has not only the answers of the multiple choice questions but also the reason for that answer.

This will lead you to the better understanding of the concept of the question and the strength of the idea.

A book written by someone who had a past experience of MCAT test is a better choice to practice.

Up to date MCQs are the best way to analyze yourself and your preparation so try to study from the latest versions of the books.

MCAT concept strategy

Concept building is also an important part of MCAT preparation.

There are MCQs in the test that you think are neither from your book nor any of the preparatory stuff but you understand that the level of the question is not too difficult.

That’s where you need to consult your practicals.

I don’t recommend you to waste so much time on your practicals.

But I do suggest you to go through them at least one to clear your concepts regarding any topic.

One best tip to make your concepts strong is to o-relate thing s and questions with each other.

MCAT Sample and Past Papers

Past papers and sample papers of MCAT exam takes your preparation to a level where you an achieve anything you want provided that you practice them well:-0

These papers tells you what you will be facing in your exam how much difficult the exam will be.

The past papers are available here

These past papers will guide you about the variation of the concepts in the questions as well as the element of confusion found by most of the students in most of the questions.

They help you understand and tackle the confusing statements that come in the MCAT exam.

Learn time management from these past papers for your test.

Time management and Test conditions

46% of the students appearing in the exam give poor results just because they are not able to complete their questions.

Or they fail because in a hurry they mark the answers wrongly even when they know the correct answer to that multiple choice question.

Flashcard Technique for Vocabulary

Memorizing of the vocabulary is not an easy task especially when you have to memorize round about 800 to 1000 words for the exam.

Here’s how it works:

Divide the number of words by the number of days you have for the preparation.

This will give you the number of words you are required to cram every day

Every day write the words that you memorize on a flashcard.

Paste this flashcard at a place in your room where you may look at it many times in a day (for example some wall or closet).

You will find out that when these words go through your eyes many times, it’s easier to remember them.

MCAT Announcements and Updates

One of the key roles in getting good grades is staying in touch with the news and updates regarding MCAT.

The dates of registration and test are very important..

You must keep an eye on all your social media links and websitesfor the announcements and the dates of UHS admission test.

The change of syllabus or the change of pattern with which you are unaware during your preparation may become the cause of your failure in exam.

Kaplan MCAT Books

Kaplan books are a great source of information for the preparation of the MCAT.

Online Entry Test Preparation MCAT

There are many websites on the internet offering free MCAT practice questions.

These websites are pretty good but are no MCAT for the hard from of the review books.

Few of trusted websites for the free online practice include:

1) Khan Academy

2) Ilm ki Dunya

3) Study and Exam

AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges)

According to research in this association of colleges students that prefer text books over other side books are more likely to understand the problems of the papers than the students who keep their text books as a secondary refuge.

Focus on your Weakness

We all want to feel like we are smart..

Consequently, many pre-medical students tend to focus on their strengths in their MCAT preparation and let their weaknesses fester..

This is clearly not a good strategy!.

Try to make your weaknesses your strengths and you will be able to perform well in the test..

Know what you don’t know and understand what you don’t understand.

Your weakness may become a hurdle in your bright future so better is to work on it and remove it.

Guess and win

Guess and win the most important tool for the success of the MCAT entry test.

This helps to deal with the negative marking criteria..

Leaving a question deducts 5 marks and attempting wrong deducts 6..

People say it’s better to leave the doubted ones to keep yourself safe from negative marking.

TA TA! You are the winner against the tough questions.


MCAT is a marathon not a sprint.

Keep yourself motivated all the time so that you will be able to work hard for your aims and goals.

It’s quite a tough job but keep yourself robust of energy and motivation to perform well.


You are ready to make your first attemp. :-D